A Pop Primer Update

A Pop Primer Update

Hello people of the internet,

I am sorry about the sparse content as of late. Life has been quite busy. I’ve started a new day job, a full time salary gig. I have also been making some videos for the Pop Culture Primer YouTube page. A bit stretched, you might say. Have no fear because we are still here and the site is not going anywhere any time soon.

Today, is the first day of Magic City Con, which I have been looking forward to for awhile. Magic City Con is a Birmingham based fan convention and I am excited to participate. I will be on four panels.

What’s New In Board Games? (Saturday 4pm)

I am moderating this one, and we will be talking about board games that are brand new (games released from 2015 to now), games that we have found recently (some obscure, some we just never played til now), and games that are new to the audience (games that flew under the radar that we really think you should play).

Classic Sci-Fi Education (Saturday 5pm)

Moderating this one as well. The panelists for this one are all lovers of science fiction. We will be talking about some of our favorite sci-fi novels and making reading recommendations. There will be gushing!

Diversity in Comics and Books (Sunday 10am)

For this panel I definitely have a book and comic in mind for discussion. I may also have a video game to discuss. You will have to come and find out.

What a Difference a GM Makes (Sunday 11am)

The role of the Game Master is a sacred and important role, combining the responsibilities of a referee and steward of fun. I imagine we will talk about the good, bad, and unfair BS of GMing tabletop role playing games.

If you are in or around the Birmingham area, come by and have some fun at Magic City Con.

What I Am Working On

Once I wrap up my Six Weeks of Sci-fi Series on YouTube, I will start a series of written reviews on this site. The subject will be space novels, because I love them and I can talk about them all day. No promises, but I will try to do them every 2 weeks.

I have also teamed up with my friend Boyd on his channel Red Destiny Art. We watch and talk about films, and you should totally watch it.

I am also planning to get back into the podcasting business. A friend and I will be talking about Pop music. We just need to work out our schedules.

I will also resume writing articles for this site now that my life has stabilized. I promise, I am back and here to stay.

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