“You’re Tearing Me Apart, Piggy!”

“You’re Tearing Me Apart, Piggy!”

This Thanksgiving weekend I got together with some of my husband’s old high school friends for our annual bad movie tradition. When we realized someone in the room hadn’t seen The Room and needed to, we had to remedy it. I’ve seen this abominable film classic half a dozen times now, but a fresh group of friends to help digest it makes it better every time. This time we somehow got on a track discussing how we would do a Muppets remake, and this is the result.

Thanks to AJ for the Kermit photoshop, and thanks to Shannon, Tommaso, Nicki, Preston, Wesley, and Kyle for the hilarious tangent.

Piggy as Lisa

“I’m going to do what I want to do, and that’s it.”


Swedish Chef as Johnny

He’s just about as intelligible as the character played by Tommy Wiseau.


Kermit as Mark

“Johnny’s my best friend, Piggy.”


Gonzo in a Wig as Claudette

“I got the test results back. I definitely have nose cancer.”


Rizzo as Denny

“I just like to watch you guys.”


Animal as Chris R.



Fozzy Bear as This Goofy Rando

“She’s showing everybody… ME UNDERWEAAAAAARRSSSS. Ehhh? Ehh? Wocka wocka!”


Bunsen Honeydew as Peter

“People are people.”


Beaker as… Who the Heck Is This?

Apparently the actor who played Peter quit during filming and was randomly replaced mid-film by this dude. So we swap out Bunsen for Beaker. I don’t think anything he says needs to be understood.



And special thanks to AJ for this wonderful photoshop.


Because it just isn’t The Room without football being played in tuxedos.