Here and Now

Here and Now

In my spare spare time I like to write poetry. It’s not great as my grasp of subtlety in poetic form is weak, but I enjoy the writing. This poem was an attempt at optimism. At the time I was writing a bunch of angsty depressing crap that will never see the light of day, and I decided that I wanted to write something with a bit more optimism. The following poem was the result.

Here and Now

By Matt Cox


The breeze washes

Along the shore.

The waves follow suit

As they ebb forward

And roll backward

Taking from and replenishing the shore.

The white fluff of clouds

Dots the blue sky.

They migrate without destination.

As dark clouds gather

In the distance.



Little birds hop

Along the shore.

They thrust their beaks

In the sand,

Digging for the sustenance

Washed up by the waves.

A gull swoops down

Into the water

And rises with nothing.

A crane halts its gait

And looks toward the horizon.

It stares for a moment.

Looking for something,

Then continues its trek,

To find what it lost.

As the storm swells

In the distance.



Children run along the shore

They build castles of impermanence

And delight.

They charge headlong into the waves.


A little girl trudges through the sand

With net and bucket.

As a wave recedes

She swings her net

Into the water

And draws up a bounty

Of shells and sand.

She picks through her spoils


She places some in the bucket

And casts the rest back

To the waves.

Then soldiers on to the next.

As the lightning flashes

In the distance.



I dig my toes in the sand

And feel the grit between.

The breeze washes over me.

The waves caress the shore.

All along the beach,

Life gathers to enjoy.

The storm may be coming-

But it is not here.

Not yet.