Ear Wyrm Connoisseur: Too Many Cooks

Ear Wyrm Connoisseur: Too Many Cooks

Before reading this, watch it. Even if you’ve already seen it, just watch it again. 


“Too Many Cooks” is a complete comedy goldmine and better than half the songs on the radio.

That being said, it etches itself into your brain with acid. It is the herald of the horseman. Dark Lord Cthulhu’s tendrils are reaching into our minds and convincing us that “Too Many Cooks” actually happened. It’s really a mass delusion made up of insomnia, accidentally taking your nighttime medications in the morning, and those weird brownies the neighbor made at the homeowners associations potluck. (I know there was something in that Evan. Everything was weird for hours. I’m on to you, you little hippy prick.)

It takes the nostalgia that permeates our culture and then tears it apart and shows you its viscera. The whole time you are trying to shove the disemboweled organs of our TV culture back, you keep repeating over and over again, “Too many cooks will spoil the broth” and your not really sure what that means. You keep claiming that it is all going to be ok, but even still you are still thinking in the back of your mind that you should probably burn your clothes and wipe the place for your fingerprints before you leave.

Too Many Cooks has slain all nostalgia programing that late 20s and 30-somethings are addicted to. It’s dead. Instead of it being there, you will just hear the chorus burning away your mind.

Congratulations, Adult Swim. You made the “Cabin in the Woods” of 80s/90s nostalgia. I guess we will have to learn how to enjoy modern culture. Though, we could just drink and try to forget: forget that someone did it as good as it ever will be. We will try to laugh at it, but in the back of our heads we will hear the low hum of a bloodied Smarf dragging himself to the red button and we will turn it off.

This is the glorious death-scream of our childhood lost to the TV. We look into the hole that TV left in us and we try to fill it with same thing that hollowed us.

That’s why the murderer is killing all of them. He is symbolically killing everything that “Too Many Cooks” is actually killing.

Or, I dunno, it’s just some dumb video on the internet.